'Road Run' Day

Activity: Road Run
Venue: SMK(P)Taman Petaling
Time: 7.30am-10.30am
Date: 11th March 2011

Got down from bed at 0630.I heard lil bro said:'mummy,can i sleep a lil bit longer?'..U guessed it.A big NO from mummy.Haha..ROFL.Evil sis i am.xP

Wanna get number below 70.hehe..(pic macam yes).Before we start, we did senamrobik-warm up.I remembered 2nd song were "Ohh" by Girls Generation.Teehee.Dance and sing at the same time.Senamrobik is a type of non-stop warming up activity for a specific time.And 3 songs were our 'dance' going on so around 15 minutes until sweating.

Huh???Not started yet ady sweat?Means some energy lost..o.O..Should keep 100% energy for running..><..Alright..''BEEPS!''All students run like the street are theirs.RUN RUN RUN~..Last,i got no.69..Regretted and i shouldn't walk too much.T.T.sobx..Alright then.Its still in my target.Had sponsored VICO drink.I drank two cups coz its too cooling.After run will feel hot mah,so it is reasonable.