Watsons Membership Card

Hi~~Sowie for my super panda eyes due to exam week.Cant sleep well and wish to lay on bed longer.I'm jz lazy..Hehe..wearing new contact lens.

Well,back to topic.Purchased this Watsons Card on 2nd March.I know it is abit late as this produced since last year September.I used to go there and check out their latest stuff..Last year,the cashier asked me to buy it but i turned her down.Teehee,this year changed my mind and finally brought it home.=)

U jz have to pay RM12 to get a lifetime membership.You may start using the card now to earn points from ur purchases,on anything and everything at Watsons.And upon activating the card,you can start redeeming these points as a cash rebate,either partially or in full against any future purchase.So what are you waiting for?Apply for membership card at the nearest Watsons store immediately!Need not to fill in the entry form and it is available for whole life.

  • Basic Tier : Every RM1.00 spent earns 1 Point (Points earned are calculated on nett amount spent and are rounded down to the nearest point.)
  • Bonus Tier : Earn 2x points on all Watsons brand
  • Redeem : Every 200 points=RM1------Every point counts!The more u buy,the more points u can accumulate and use to redeem ur favourite products at Watsons.Tats y u will c some products tagged with RM1.
  • Birthday Perks : 5x Bonus Points on ur Birthday Month every year.If u spent RM55,so 5x points=55 x 5 = 275 points.
  • More Perks : a)Monthly members price,bonus points & more.  b)Exclusive invites to sales,events and workshops.

It comes with the card,vouchers and a personal guide in the Watsons PASSPORT.The passport becomes heavy just bcoz of those gift vouchers,so many u knw..Some products with RM10,RM5, RM3, RM2 & RM1 OFF..And of course u must present the voucher to get.


  1. Step 1-->Purchase a Watsons card (Your Watsons card must be activated b4 u can redeem ur points)
  2. Step 2-->Register online at www.watsons.com.my to activate ur card and be rewarded with 200 bonus points the next working day.  OR  Activate through their Member Hotline at 1-300-880-VIP(847).(No bonus points will be awarded for this method).  OR Fill in the entry form at any Watsons store.(A customer service officer will contact you within 14 days for activation.)
  3. Step 3-->An SMS Code will be sent to ur registered mobile number to complete the activation.You can now enjoy ur watsons experience like never b4.

For more details on the Watsons Card,plz refer to www.watsons.com.my or join them on facebook www.facebook.com/watsonsmalaysia or email memberships@watsons.com.my

 My very first card ♥..Wanted to fill up my wallet with many many cards,until it BOOM(explore)!xP

 Woot! Gift vouchers i am coming..=)

Thats it for this post.Going to study Chemistry and prepare for the exam tmr.Last subject to go..Yay!^^