Hatyai Trip Day 2 & Hauls

Hi guys! Let's begin with our dim sum breakfast on day 2.
We have our breakfast in an ordinary coffee shop located a few steps away from central hotel. Prices are cheaper, so does the size of dim sum. As you can see the portion is quite small compared to dim sum that we usually had in Malaysia. Fortunately, the locals are able to communicate with us using Hokkien, so ordering food wouldn't cause a problem.

Look at the amount of food that we consumed! (12 pax)
Outfit of the day
Top- Padini
Pants- market
Bag- Bill Keith
Shoes- @happy2ucc

Rings- Forever 21

We headed to the Guan Yin Temple at Guan Yin Hill right after breakfast.

Yours truly.

Kind of 'golden plated' bamboo stick to knock all the bells.

Beware of this restaurant nearby Songkhla beach, I think they give commissions or allowance to tour guide for bringing in visitors. An auntie told me she feel cheated by this restaurant hahaha.
Everything is cold because they are readily cook and set aside for a long time. 250baht per pax really not worth it. 
The dragon is divided to 3 parts, one is the dragon head at the lake, the body is at the park, and the tail is along the side way. It kinda looks like merlion though.

And we arrived at the Songkhla Beach which is famous for its white sandy beach, shady pine groves and a statue of mermaid.
The small island is called 'cat' and the bigger one has the shape of a rat so they called it 'rat', which symbolize cat chasing a rat forever.
Mermaid statue
150 baht for 5 mins ride. First experience yay!
Funny things happen here.
Mum: Want to ride the horse or not?
Bro: I don't want.
Cowboy: Come on, you are 'ta po'(means boy in hokkien), don't be scared, see your sister also riding horse, just take picture only.
Once my bro is up there, the cowboy immediately pull the horse and my brother for a walk hahaha.

Soon after the walk, brother get down from the horse, the horse quickly eat some grass. (hahaa too fat make the horse no more energy must eat something)
My older sister.
Around 4pm we reached the floating market, only a small amount of stalls open because it's still early.
Handmade bracelet good as a gift.
Mini pineapple 40baht each, incredibly sweet.
Craving for coconut, too thirsty, 25baht each.
Took a tuk-tuk to the Hatyai market with mum, dad, friends for shopping. 20baht per pax.
Inside a Tuk-Tuk.
We walked to the Odean Shopping Mall after dinner to do some grocery shopping.


 Longan, seaweed, cashew nuts, thailand sauce, mooncake, dodol, beans & biscuits from Hatyai market.
Seaweed from local specialty store, buy 2 get discount price. 
T-shirts from Hatyai market, 100baht each.
Maggi instant noodle(tom yam) cost 160baht from Hatyai market.
Some thailand made alcohol best for healing purposes. There was once I fainted and fell down hurting my knee, so i applied this with a piece of cotton. The wound heals after 2-3 apply. 
Snacks from 7-eleven. Average price is 13baht to 20baht. 
Odean Shopping Mall Hauls. Mummy said 'Scotch Brite' very cheap over there.
50baht handmade bracelet that I got from the floating market. I have another one in pink.

Till then. See ya.



  1. Traveling blogs or posts always excite me. I loved seeing your adventurous pictures and all with a brief intro. Thanks for sharing the experience.