Shopping Hauls

Saving money$$ plan failed.
Effects for not going shops for a month.
Even boyfie also said I spent like mad.><
Tadaa! I brought these home.
My purse 'dieting'.=(
Argh..Really need a new wallet.Who can sponsor me please?(WeI!)

                                                            *Popular                 *Etude House
                                                                               *Sasa                              *Guardian
Subtotal for my hauls are RM160+
DRL Dark Circle Cernes Fonces 
nah...finding solution to get rid of black circles,
the sasa promoter said that I got heavy black circles and bags.
make me worried and quickly pack this eye cream
Kanebo Freshel White C Whitening Night Essence
As I wanted a moisturizing and whitening cream,
so she suggested this whitening wrapping essence.
*touched the texture*
The best thing is it can be used as over-night mask.

Vanilla Souffle Face Scrub
RM53.88 (Guardian)
With pleasant mousse gently removes dead cells
Leave skin soft & smooth
Max like this face scrub.Chu~
Face will appears brighter after scrubbing.
Suitable for normal skin type.
Etude House Good-bye Dark Circle Eye Patch
Formulated with slim tea complex and broccoli,hydro-gel eye patch supplies care to worrisome dark circles and bags for youthful looking eyes.
Etude House Ginkgo Lip Patch
Formulated with Ginkgo Leaf extracts to remove excess residue,rejuvenating and brightening skin around the lip.

Finally received these.
Total Image beauty collagen and RM30 voucher.^^
How to get-->Fill in your details in the column of total image collagen and send to MRMM Marketing.
Only in China Express newspaper every Sunday.
Baby boy bought me Snowflake~
-Amber Jelly-
Baby Qin!
Don't you feel regret for leaving Malaysia?xP

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