Clinique Star Tour 2011

I'm back after 1234567890 seconds from previous post.This post actually should be updated on 2nd July '11..Due to arts project,death line was over but I still haven't get it done yet.><..Whew~perhaps done by today.=)..Alright then,back to the topic,I had participated in The Clinique Star Tour 2011 in partnership with CLEO.

Story began here, I was hanging out at Pyramid with Ruby,Sze Kheng and Poh Kee after class ended.Soon after my sis bought her formal dress at Kitschen and went home, I walking alone to meet all my sweeties.Meanwhile, a gurl approached and asked me to fill up my name,contact num and etc.I was 'huh?'..She continued by saying filling these you can get Clinique free samples. Why not?Clinique is a well known skin care and cosmetics brand with Allergy Tested and 100% Fragrance free.

After that, she showed me a paper which written,
Get ready for your star treatment!
How to participate?
Join us at one of the tour locations,purchase a RM35 voucher and receive:
* Custom-fit consultation by Clinique Experts
* Makeup by Clinique Makeup Experts
* Hair touch up by Miko Galere
* Photo shoot with a professional photographer
* Door gift worth RM130
One lucky winner will grace the cover of the CLEO magazine!
For more tour details,check out here and here.

This is the paper that I meant,
 Using candle light mode.
Yellowish outcomes.
Only dare to camwhore after reached home.xD
Due to the super red lip colour.
Nah...i wiped off in these pic.

Feel sorry for not taking pics during the whole section..=(..This will affects the process mah.I 'grab' Ruby join together.Teehee...The makeup expert said that I have good skin..*happy*=D..She asked me to relax when applying eyeliner or my eyelid will be forced to pull up.haha..*tension.She looks so profession.In between many experts,I noticed her and I wish she can helps me makeup.Ahh~~it comes true.

Btw,I was shocked with the outcome.It was a super duper heavy makeup!Remembered she said I got baby face but no need so heavy gua..Even Ruby also shocked when she saw it, she then asked her expert not to put heavy makeup on no one will believe that I was 17.
 Their door gift.
STEP 1-Facial soap (cleanse nettoyer),
STEP 2-Clarifying lotion (exfoliate exfolier),
STEP 3-Moisturizing gel (moisture hydrater),
STEP 4-Super city Sun Block SPF 40, &
Lash power volumizing mascara (black).
 Miko Galere RM10 x5
and free samples.
 CLEO July issues.

Camwhore *pic heavy*

 Do I look like rabbit?xP
Have no idea y friends said that i looked like rabbit..><

 Yay~ Curled hair.^^

 Changed outfit.xP

 I got this Papermate correction tape for RM0.00!
Papermate came to our school and gave a talk about--Make safety our responsibility.Until answering questions part,they wanted their awarded students are make up of different races.So I raised hand up immediately,they chosen me.Aww~how lucky am I!
Question: 'What will you response if a stranger knocks your door and asks you to open it when you are alone at home?'
My ans: 'Don't open the door.'
She : 'CORRECT!This is the answer.Just that easy.' correction tape is mine now.=D

10th July
Tour location-Mid Valley Megamall
until 7pm only.
Good luck!=)