Pommes Frites Bistro Belgian Fries & Mussels

So this post is to continue the day out with my friends on 2/7/11.
Feeling hungry and Ruby brought us here.
Pommes Frities Bistro at F1 AV.196 Asian Avenue,
Sunway Pyramid.

Their food are at affordable prices!^^

Olio Spaghetti with seafood

The overall taste was ok.
But the only thing i dislike is the strong garlic taste.
Never forgot to have Pommes Fries =D
There's different toppings to be chosen,eg.mayonaise,bbq sauce & others.
You can choose ur favourite topping..
They do make their own fries!
Crunchy outside, soft inside.
Around 8pm,had our dinner at KimGary restaurant.
Chilled and eaten.
Ruby camwhoring :D
Know u are going to appreciate me that I posted this..xD

Sweet dream everyone!^^