Away from sweet home

Harlow~~Yup..away from home to  baby Ruby's house with sister!Teehee..
Objective: to get our Additional Maths Project done.
Venue: Ruby's house
Time: 9am-8pm

Camwhore before heading off.^^
 Ordered Domino's Pizzas since we have tons of vouchers.
 Classified Chicken,Prawn Passion,Aloha chicken,Cinnastix,Chicken Lasagna and Breadstix.
 Bring doggie out like this..


 Me,Ruby,Sze Kheng and Poh Kee.
 Group work...see how serious we

Day 2
(bring my brother along)
Homemade burger and nuggets
For our lunch.
 Cooking process take place.
Do you notice that we were wearing white shirt together?
(me not in this pic)
It was totally a co-incident.
They cook,i
No free lunch in this world.

We done our work and bathed.
Coz cooking made all of us sweat.
After all,we singK at Ruby's karaoke room.
Until 6pm,we went home one after another.
Wondered flash will becomes red spot...

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Shopping Haul

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