ChaTime Sunway Pyramid

 YAY! ChaTime is now open in Pyramid.Need not to go Pavilion to have this.Ruby called me and told that ChaTime open ad.Rushed to there and sooner found out WALLET had been left at home.ARGHH..Ppl busy queuing up but we busy snapping pixies..Hehe..Feeling curious y i dressed this way?It was on Saturday and i am going to work in fullhouse after that.Hopefully Snowflake will open a new branch as well.

Spot the pink couple

 Their menu.Eyes going to burst into flames.Too many choices.
Picked recommended one.*Tink*

Me: Ruby,Ruby,pay for me okay?
Ruby: Hmm..okay lah.*taking out her bf's wallet.*
Me: O.o?? smart one.

 ChaTime Red Bean Milk Tea

Snap snap before drink. =3..puffy eyes.
Bottom left-Lemon QQ 
Right- ChaTime Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea

 Opps..get caught when drinking ChaTime in fullhouse.

  Love my hair <3
  During break time, we go "tapau"(take away) MY HONEYMOON's dessert.
Durian Pancake!! I am durian fans.^^.Yummy~~