Reached PJ Old Town at 6.50a.m.,holding two Mcd vouchers stepped in the Mcdonald's restaurant.WOOT! Nobody there.I saw less than 20 ppl.Coz a few weeks before,breakfast time which is from 4am to 11am full with HUMANs..due to their promotions--purchase above RM5 get 2 set of breakfast worth RM13.80.They made long queue.ARGHHH..make my free breakfast gone.><..But never happens for today,so i gv them the vouchers and ordered these.Total RM6.80.CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP~
 Got COMPLIMENTARY Mcd egg burger which worth RM4.80 using vouchers!
By using voucher,u can top up RM1.20 for a cup of coffee or
top up RM3.00  for a coffee & a hash brown.=)

It's yummy..After that,daddy fetch me to school.Hehe..Bye.^^