DR.SCHOLL MediQtto Sleeping Socks

SCHOLL MediQtto is a glad tidings to those who long for beautiful legsIt is an innovative slimming tool that relieves tired aching legs, as well as reduce water retention and swelling during nighttime for a perfect leg shape..which means it lose centimeters when u sleep. As the open-toe socks are made of highly resilient garment, i do not feel annoyed while sleepingThe fancy blend of lavender color also promote sleep.   

I have swollen and fatique legs as i am required to stand for a long time while working.Slowly, it leads to poor blood circulation..><..Aunt bought this socks from HONG KONG as malaysia not selling this yet..hmm.lame..btw, its abit pricey..about rm120 per pair. End up, it become my christmas gift.YAHOO~

I picked M size. This product available in black colour also..hehe.but i had chosen lavender color coz i wanna wear it to sleep onlyQuite difficult to wear as my nails was super long..it forces me to cut my nails short or i will 'hurt'' the stockings..o.O

Get a pair of sheer black stockings for FREE with every purchase of MediQtto!^^

This slimming slipper has the same function as MediQtto..but this one much more cheaper than DR.SCHOLL's..rm15.90 for each pair..It helps u slim ur legs in following ways
1. help to train and exercise the muscle that we seldom use because it will slightly bend 9 degree in front, when we wear them, u will have straighter back
2. Promote blood circulation, short design, you can also prevent toe from being v shape 
3. it will separate our toes to ease our tired feet a day, and wearing a more stable walking.

A pink bag from aunt..love it!

chu chu shoes for me..as someone called me chu lui. This shoes suit me alot.. :P

Love ya~