My Sweet 16teen

30th of November,its my birthday and our 7th anniversary as well.Celebrated at Redbox Karaoke,Sunway Pyramid.Those who came were Ruby,Man Zheng,Ivan,Jia En,Kent,Mun Chun and Wai Soon.Thx for cuming..=)..It was the greatest day in my life~

I got two cakes for my birthday!!Yippie!xD

my 1st secret recipe =P

RT Pastry House

Pixies of my presents:
couple ring from my boy

F cup cookies from Ruby & Man Zheng

$$cash from my aunt

 Hada Labo & Neutrogena Moisturizer
from mummy

3 bras from mum again

Kate Designing Eyebrow/Ex-4  cost me rm 41.40

Well,a very big THANKS to my dearboy..Without him,these could not happen.He spent alot that day,jz to make me happy.hehe..It was an unforgettable memories for me..