Day Out with birthday gurls

 Hehe..As u can see,i hang out with two birthday gurls today.Their birthday not fall on saturday but are 13 and 18 Feb.Italiannies are the place we had our lunch.Sky juice free of charge here.xP.I ordered course meal for 2.Sharing with sis.It came with an appetizer and a main course.

 Appetizer.forgot its name.

These are like eating tomatoes only.Bread had been covered by red tomatoes.Tomatoes keep droping from bread when i holding it.Its ok cuz tomato contain lycopene that help us keep away from various cancer.Most important is they can make our face red red.Do u think a gurl with pale face looks attractive?

 Me,Ruby,Dan Leng and Man Zheng
RM 3 per game.
First time playing snooker.Aww..

 Babe Dan Leng.Don't u think she is hot?xP

 Trying to act like a professional player.xD

Ohya,forgotten to mention this.Raymond Lam's concert was held on 19 feb at 8pm.We can see the concert through the window where we play snooker.Haha..but we had leave there at 7pm.Forced to say goodbye.Ohh~thought can watch a free concert summore.Aiks.

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 Here's a group photo b4 home.=)