Jelly and Moon Cake

If you've been following me on Instagram, you'd probably in love with the cute little moon cakes.

I get some feedback from friends soon after I posted this.
Since moon cake festival is few weeks away, we ordered these and we find out they are delicious yet nice looking.

Green fish -- Kaya
White bear -- Red Bean
Yellow bunny -- Durian
Light green bunny -- Green tea/matcha
Orange car -- Lotus
Brown bear -- Chocolate

They are available in 6 pieces per box and 8 pieces per box.
The price is consider low in the market.

OMG it's too cute, I can't even put them in my mouth.
It's full with fillings inside!!!

They made this Jelly 'fish' too. But u have to order 4 at the same time as the ingredient is enough for 4 'fishes' at a time.
Chinese believe that Koi fish() brings good fortune.
It is suitable to give people as a gift.

The third product is the colorful jelly.
The main part is they are using the natural coconut milk and no added artificial ingredient therefore it can last for 3 days only.
The natural homemade ingredient is proven when i forgot to put it in the fridge and it spoiled after 6 hours.(Proven?)

This is yummy and we can't stop eating it.. Ngom ngom~

Interested? =)

Call 017-2771551 to order now!
价格店洽(Ask them for the price)