Summer Shoes ♥

Hi there! Okay I'm done with my finals and it's semester break now.
''Happy holiday & Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri~!!!''

Suffered throughout the whole exam weeks coz i couldn't get enough sleep, probably burn midnight oil trying to digest and mesmerize everything into my brain. Btw, let's em talk english here since he was highly encourage me to. ( I will argue with u in english one day, lol)

Gonna share my new purchases to u guys today and hope u enjoyed. These are two pair of wedges that I bought from online store recently. Why not stiletto or pumps? Wearing stiletto or pumps too often might cause our legs become muscular as it centralize our body mass on the thin heel.Back to the review.

Roman Retro High Heels- blue

Some close up photos.

Height around 10cm or more.

Do you know how much it cost?
This is freaking RM22.90 only!
Extremely low price, where else u can get a pair of heels lower than that?

Korean cross-straps wedges- Black

Size 39. Ikr I have huge legs and korean shoes tend to be smaller in size.
This pair is higher than the previous one as well as the price. RM24.50 for this pretty.
Grow up 10cm+ higher instantly..haha.

Wore them to college and guess what, I ran with it to enter the train.
College mates love my shoes too.

 Not forgetting this, which is mum's. The denim ribbon makes your toes look adorable. teehee.

Iphone 4s/4/3gs/3g external backup battery power supply

This is quite useless in overall.
You have to recharge it and when your phone is out of battery, u charge with this thing and it just increase your phone battery about less than 5% then it goes no power anymore.
Well, put it in another way, 5% battery is enough for u to make an emergency call.

You're entitle for a free gift if you purchase RM48 and above.
So this USB is the free gift they gave me.
Better than nothing right.

Purchase above RM28 can get free postage too.

That's all for my purchases. =)

Wonders if u guys noticed, i deleted the song player since it is so
Even me the blog owner hates it, it wouldn't be possible for readers to like it.