Dolly Eyes Hyper Circle Brown

Hello everyone~!
This is a quick review on the lens I wore last months.

The packaging come with lovely pink. <3
Diameter - 14.2mm
Base Curve - 8.6mm
Life Span - 1 year disposal

Here's some photos with the lens on.


Colour : 4/5
For a brown lens lover, this lenses really give a natural look that most people do not know I'm actually wearing it.
Enlargement : 2.5/5
 It is 14.2mm really enlarge your eyes.The brown shade is not as dark as I expected or it will enlarge more.

Comfort : 4.5/5
 After wearing for one month I can tell that they are super comfortable as there is no drying of lens and it feel like nothing on.

I love this lens :)

Going to Genting Highlands next morning.
Packaging up now.
Can't wait any longer.=D
Good night~!