Sushi Zanmai

Konichiwa~ It has been a while not using english to update my post. Hmm..which language should i use in writting post? English or Chinese? Give me some suggestions sweeties~

 Tired..i really need an effective concealer to cover  up my Extremely large dark circles.Which type of M.A.C concealer more effective actually? Lunasol & Bobbi Brown's sounds not bad too..

We head to Sushi Zanmai to have our lunch..
Shopped for New year clothes after that.
Spent in Kitschen, F.o.s & F block
I don't like expensive one

 Chicken Katsudon
 Kaki Don
 Cranky Salmon Maki
Here's my birthday cake.
Isn't it cute?

The top icing gave it snowing effects
It caught my sight when i first saw it
Even ppl outside the shop keep their eyes focus on this cake
Yes! I brought it home finally.

Flash ON.

Thats all for this post.
Tmr is Christmas eve.=)