Its Tea Time!

RINGGG~~3.15pm!Its tea time..Craving for food?Don't know what to eat?Don't wanna spend more?If u are malaysian,u should try this Rojak at SS15 Subang Jaya.=).Never regret after eat,sure regret if u don't try.Teehee..It comes with affordable price yet super duper Yummy!!!

A conversation between dad and me, =P
Me : Wah,daddy,the rojak guy earn until laugh lorh.Very long queue there.
Dad : Of course.
Me : But he looks fierce,dun smile at all.Why?He earn so much should laugh wat?
Dad : Every day do the same thing, earn how much also sudah bosan mah.
Me : True true..

Rojak (original)
Quite a big portion.
Tasty to the max!
One is not enough,i want two~

Sotong & Telur - RM4.50
Sotong - RM4.00
Telur - RM4.00
Kosong - RM3.50
A long long queue behind me..
Can be seen clearly that how delicious the Rojak is.
Go earlier and buy oh~