Happy 12th monthsary

Gotcha! Hi guys.Its 30th of April!Uhmm...Lets see what event do we have.Think and think again..Dun feel like going to Pyramid again.Totally bored to shop there.Uh-huh(light bulb)~~Lets go to Pavilion to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.

Woke up early to get myself doll-up.Gonna attend tuition class at 9am.Using Sunplay Skin Aqua BB cream with SPF25 PA++.Outfit of the day: Dress- Sungei Wang, Fish net leggings- Asian Avenue, Shoes- VKI.

Upon reaching, boyfie gave me a bouquet of flower which consist of 11 red roses.Aww..how romantic he is.Its my first ever flowers that I received.

  Reached Pavilion.Me me..

Had our lunch at Pepper Lunch.
Me: faster loh....very hungry ad. ><
-Teri chicken with egg-
 For maximum taste,add special sauce mix & mix.*Slurpp*

Next station : Snowflake
 Opps...its beeping.
This is a "Beeping UFO" that is part of our wonderful alien technology here at SNOWFLAKE.This allows you to chillout when we make your order.When this baby UFO starts vibrating and flashing,
PLEASE GO TO THE COLLECTION COUNTER TO RETRIEVE YOUR YUMMY MOUTH WATERING DESSERT!  Please return the "BEEPING UFO" to the aliens ....uh...i meant the staff at counter before collection. 
Psst..now you know why Taiwan is so much more technologically advanced

 Taroball series and snowflake bestseller(hot)

 Starbucks Frappucino
-Enjoy a complimentary Grande size Frappucino once you collect 10 'Frappucino ' stamps.-
Bought some stationery from Popular then home sweet home.
 Camwhore with roses.Kept in the fridge.Not bad though, still remain its freshness.xP
 These are what i got today.
THE FACE SHOP nail color PK103 RM5.90
Blackberry USB from boyfie.^^

PS : Dear Kai Lin, if you are reading this post,i would like to tell you something,
I'M NOT GREEDY, GV ME 9 STAMPS PLS!!!! lollll..just kidding.But i am glad to see u take it seriously.xP. nahhh..joking again.dun spam me.=P