The Star Education Fund Presentation 2012

Hi everyone..!!!
I have attended the Presentation of Award Ceremony 2012 last Tuesday on 25th September.
This event is held to celebrate our achievement in obtaining the Star Education Fund Scholarship..

Outfit of the day
Jacket- Padini
Tank top- Kitschen
Skirt- Padini

People mountain people sea...xD

The ceremony's details are written and pasted on baby boy's jacket.=)
Thx baby boy to be the camera man.
Here's a group photo of scholarship recipients from TarC.

Refreshment time!!! * PIC HEAVY*

I wonder how much they spent on preparing these yummy food for all of us.

Cheesecake is love!

Some fruits to balance up our daily diet after eating all sweet food..
Manage to get this whole plate of desserts.
That pretzel biscuit doesn't taste good at all,dry and hard. Now i know, don't judge the book by its cover.

Other than these,some pasta indeed.

"Attended a function in KLCC just now and had a buffet after that. Guess what we managed to capture? An aunty, yeah, and a typical one indeed, tried to gobble everything she could reach, and would not let a single type of food to not reach her. Yes, it's free." by jiaweipeace on 25 sept at 10.09pm.

The End.

Loads of Coursework and assignment are coming up this week.
Study hard, Mihoko Hah.!
See you..