Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe

Hi peeps! As you can see, I'm back to blog again after missing in 2 or 3 months(?).. Apparently, the mood of blogging is getting higher and a lot of posts are coming up next. So, I'll try to update here as frequent as possible(most probably)..xDD..Exam is coming.><.

This is a post about Garden restaurant which located in Sunway Pyramid. Here you go.

I ordered Earl Grey Red Tea.
Was trying to put myself in afternoon tea event?

First I thought this was a normal teapot. You know what.. I asked the server to bring me a cup coz how am I going to drink the tea without a cup. Soon after they bring me the cup, ops, there was a cup below the teapot. hahaaha...

Seafood Spaghetti. The scent of cheese strong like hell. Overall taste was not bad actually.

This is the main part. It's Teriyaki Chicken if not mistaken(or maybe not)..Must try this baby~

High-tea. =)

I'm starving!!! xP

Appetizer-- Deep Fried Onion Rings

Dessert -- Coconut ice cream
This is heaven, guys~

Vintage furniture!!!

Glittering piano over there.

Outdoor environment.

Sunway Lagoon behind me~

That's all for today.
Goodnight people.
Sweet dream.