Lace nails 蕾丝指彩

Hello everyone~ I will be showing the ways to create the nail art like in the picture above. This is second time drawing lace nail because i forgot to take pics. For better results, you can refer to the picture above since that is the first time applying and correct outcomes.

From left,
Etude House-- Brown,
Elianto-- Top coat,
1. Starting with peach color. Apply it on your nails. Basically I will apply 2 coats for better effects.
Second coat would takes longer time to dry up. So, be patient. =)
2. Get a brown shade nail lacquer and apply on the end of your nails. You can decide broadness of the line. I prefer as broad as in the first picha.

3. Prepare some paper. Any kind of paper will do.
4. Apply brown nail lacquer on the paper.
5. Dip it with toothpick. Try not to do below fast-spinning fan to avoid nail lacquer on the paper dry up and give a cakey effects on your nails.
6. Draw 3 semicircles above the line as shown in the pic.
7. Add some dots to give a  lace effects. For references, pls refer to the first picture.
P/s : This demo nail art looks weird. Those dots should be lower and only one dot upper in the middle.
Done! ^^