Laurier Super Slimguard

Hey girls,still using ultra slim?GOOD, u need something thinner.
Laurier launched the new SUPER SLIMGUARD

It is the THINNEST napkin in the market with 1mm Ultra Absorbent Sheet. Can u imagine how slim is it?

It has Quick Lock System which is new technology from Japan. Made in Japan means quality products.

Although it is super slim, but its Quick Dry Mesh surface can gives u 2x faster absorption and 5x drier.
With its new technology, I can wear it on first to third day. I feel fresh and free during periods days. HEAVY FLOW? No worries!! It is suitable for normal to heavy flow.

A conversation of sister & me,

Me : Sis, i using  Laurier Super Slim Guard for overnight, like wearing nothing coz too slim~~  ^.^
Sis : HUHH!! you use slim type on first day? Does it work? o.O
Me : No problem. It has wide hip guard for night type , so no back leakage.. =)

Next morning, WOW, NO blood strains on bed sheet! Laurier Super SlimGaurd really awesome!

They are having twin pack promo. 40pads for RM23.50. Normally single pack contain 20 pads already RM16.70.

Summore purchase RM20 above from Laurier Super SlimGuard range, FREE
Mini Stylo Pouch--available in 3 colours > Pink,Green & Purple. I picked pink one. 
This pouch can put in 3 pads.
If you purchase RM50 and above, get  a COMPLIMENTARY Travel Blanket which worth RM25.90!!

TEEHEE. I own a pink blanket. Really soft and fluffy~~

What are you waiting for? Faster go and grab one before free gifts finished..!

Laurier Super SlimGuard available in 17cm, 22.5cm, 25cm, 30cm & 35cm.

Free gifts are available in Carrefour Subang, Watsons Mid Valley, Watsons 1 Utama & Watsons Sungei Wang. While stocks last!