My Hair Care routine

 Hey, which part of body skin care are you most concerned about?
Apart from facial care, the body cannot be lack of hydrate and moisture.
Of course, if you also properly repair and take care hair, 
you can become the focus of a major ladies.

Here's my sharing,
 1. Tsubaki Shining Shampoo-220ml 思波绮奢耀艳感系列
Beautifully glossy hair.For hair that's soft ,manageable and glossy right down to the ends.Formulated with Tsubaki Amino, a penetrating repair ingredient.With aroma of Tsubaki Mitsuka.
主成分 "高纯度山茶花精油" ,可重整秀发亮度与健康韧性 ,展现出光泽饱满 ,洋溢幽雅层次感的超华丽发妆. 
Available in Watsons (RM12.72)

 2. Herbal Essences Colour me shiny conditioner
With fusion of roses & satin."My shampoo and conditioner marriage has shine enchancers to prevent dullness.My formula replenishes your hair's moisture to help keep it healthy, shiny and full of vitality."
Available in any drugstores.

 3. Essential Ultra Honey & Shea Butter 逸萱秀修护系列
 NUANCE AIRY Intensive Hair Mask
3X More* High Purity Honey & Milk Protein
Intensive care for severely damaged hair,especially the last 15cm
Gives limp and flat hair a light & bouncy feel
  • Cares even for the last 15cm, which is most prone to dryness, tangles and split ends caused by chemical treatments and styling.
  • 3X more* High Purity Honey & Milk Protein to protect and strengthen.
  • Shea butter repairs and moisturizes.
  • Wild Rose Essence keeps hair soft and moisturized.
  • Hair becomes easy to manage and style.

新添加乳油木菁华及高纯度蜂蜜, 修护发尾15cm, 使润泽感充分渗透, 让头发在洗发, 吹干, 造型时的3个瞬间都柔顺不纠结, 体验时尚可爱小心机.
Available in Watsons Singapore (SD 9.9)

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