Little Bro's Big Day

 Countdown 3days,2days and 1 day.Yay!!!2th APRIL 2011.Its my lil bro birthday.I thought can hang out on that day.Phailed.Fine.My sister and i manage to got to Pizza Hut since birthday boy wanted to eat.Took a cab and quickly walk into Pyramid searching for Pizza.Hehe.Stopped by Pizza Hut and ordered, "tang tang tang tang",took out vouchers and saved RM20.Hooray~!

 Outfit of the day
Dress- Moxx
Handbag- Coach

 Pizza Hut Meal 2
Hawaiian Chicken & Hawaiian Supreme
Both pizzas are alike,except one with turkey ham and one without.
Opps..drank pepsi b4 snap pic.><

 Had our dinner outside.
Neither cook at home,
Nor washing plates.=D

 Mum bought him Mocha cake from
Peach Delight

 Making wishes.
Shh..i used magic relighting candles.

Stay tunned...